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Get to know new people in your area!

With Meet5 you can safely and easily take part in meetings or create your own meetings.

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This is how it works


Choose one or more pictures, give your profession and a few key points about yourself.

Meet5 Profilansicht

Find a group

Take a look at all the meetings in your area and take part by simply joining a group.

Meet5 Treffen in deiner Nähe


Go to your meeting, get to know the other participants in a relaxed manner and have a good time together.

Four good reasons to become a Meet5 member

Gruppentreffen Restaurant

Group meetings

Get to know new people during shared leisure activities.

Gruppentreffen Restaurant


Everything about group meetings is free.

Meet5 Treffen Lokal


No virtual small talk, but direct meetings with people from the area: relaxed, easy and safe.

Meet5 Wandertreffen


Hiking, eating, bowling, visiting museums and much more.

Sally Schulze - graduate psychologist and

Founder of MentalStark

Sally Schulze - MentalStark

Expert opinion:

“Meet5 is really a great opportunity to get to know new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Many group meetings are interest-based and so the participants feel connected from the first moment through a shared hobby. When hiking or cycling, relationships develop naturally and the leap from the app into real life works. "

Wandertreffen Meet5

Go hiking or walking together and explore your surroundings at the same time.

Wanderung 8.jpg

Meet5 weekly meeting: Our weekly get-together. Perfect for newbies as well as for experienced users.

Wandertreffen Meet5

You can also attend female-only and male-only meetings.

Fototreffen Meet5
Fototreffen Meet5

Your creativity has no limits. Photo walks take place regularly for all photo freaks.

Wanderung 4.jpg

Virtual game evenings, cocktail courses and discussion groups - get to know each other easily from home.

Wanderung 2.jpg

Our security promise


The group meetings mean that you never meet just for two - you feel safer in a group.


Meetings always take place in public locations, in restaurants or event locations.


At Meet5 you can bring a friend to your meeting for FREE.


Only those who have been confirmed as real persons by other users are verified.


No chatting before the meeting, so no chance to claim false facts.


Our team

From left to right: Kai, Selina, Ron, Jessica, Lukas

Frankfurt Skyline

Fun facts


On average, each member gets to know 9 people in the first week.

# 2

The proportion of women at Meet5 is higher than the proportion of men.

# 3

38% of the members go to a weekly meeting

# 4

Meet5 has over 50,000 active users who go to meetings.

Do you have any further questions?

You can find more questions and answers in our FAQs.


Welche Treffen gibt es bei Meet5?

Wenn du bei Meet5 ein Treffen erstellst, sind deiner Fantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt. Einige Beispiele für Treffen, die bereits stattgefunden haben, sind: Outdoor-Treffen (z.B. Wandern, Fahrradfahren, Spazieren), Treffen in Restaurants oder Bars, Stadtführungen, Weinproben und Spieleabende.

Wer gehört zur Zielgruppe von Meet5?

Generell ist jeder willkommen bei Meet5! Die allermeisten Nutzer sind über 40 Jahre alt, einige auch über 60. Probier Meet5 gerne einfach aus. Wenn du magst, kannst du die Treffen und die Nutzer nach Alter durchsuchen.

Ist Meet5 eine Dating App?

Nein, der Fokus von Meet5 liegt auf den Gruppentreffen, d.h. man kann neue Leute einfach und ungezwungen kennenlernen. Du kannst mit Meet5 neue Freunde finden, Bekanntschaften schließen und mit etwas Glück natürlich auch die große Liebe finden.

Wie erstelle ich ein Gruppentreffen?

Tippe in der Übersicht der Treffen ganz einfach auf das kleine Plus bzw. auf „Erstellen“. Du musst lediglich einen Titel angeben, einen Tag samt Uhrzeit und einen Ort als Treffpunkt. Im Anschluss kannst du direkt andere Nutzer zu deinem Treffen einladen.


Meet5 Volker

Volker, teacher

Thanks to Meet5, I not only made new friends, but also got to know my own city better and tried out locations and various activities.

Meet 5 Katja

I think Meet5 is great! The app is user-friendly, clear and I've been to many great meetings with interesting people.

Meet5 Anne

Anne, clerk of the law

After moving, I found it difficult to make new contacts. Meet5 was the perfect solution, now I no longer feel strange in my new city, but at home.

Katja, veterinarian