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General questions

How Meet5 works

Meet5 is the app for group meetings
And it works as simple as that:

  • Registration
Via Facebook, Email or Apple-ID you can subscribe to the free app and create a short profile - all you need is a photo and a few keywords!
  • Select meeting
Look at the meeting overview, choose a suitable meeting and participate. Or create your own meeting of your choice.
  • Participate
You get to know five other Meet5 users directly at the meeting without chatting too much. Because the focus of Meet5 is on the group meetings and getting to know each other in real life (nevertheless, a group chat opens in every meeting, so you can clear up everything organizational). Everything about group meetings (creating meetings, participating in meetings and inviting users is free). Here you will find all important questions and answers about Meet5. Just choose one of the appropriate categories at the top of the menu bar. *** Current Corona info: Dear Meet5-members, social contacts are very important, but always remember the rules of distance and hygiene and stay at home if you feel sick. If possible, meet outside. Each group date that belongs to the "video call" category currently automatically gets its own video call room where you can meet virtually. You can find the link to the videocall room in the description of the meeting and in the group chat. You can either participate with the free app Jitsi Meet or via your internet browser on your computer. You have the Jitsi App? Then the room will open for you as soon as you tap on the link. You want to participate via your computer? Just type the link into your internet browser. The virtual room will open for you as well.

Is Meet5 a dating app?

Not primarily. Technically, Meet5 is an app that focuses on establishing connections between people - mainly platonic. Mainly. Flirting is, of course, also present during quite a few meetings, but it's mainly about making and establishing friendships. If you do end up meeting the love of your life through the usage of our app, let us know - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Does Meet5 cost money?

Everything that revolves around meeting new people at previously organised meetings is free. Extra features, such as private chatting with users requires a monthly subscription.

This is how the Meet5 app is built!

1. Date
Here are all meetings in your area listed. If you want to know more about a meeting or want to participate, just tap on the meeting.
2. For me
Here you will find all the meetings you have agreed to attend and all invitations. 3. Discover
Here you can discover users in your area. "Visitors" are the users who have viewed your profile. "Favored" are the users who have favored you with a star. You can find your own favorite users under the category "Profile". However, "Visitors" and "Favored" are part of the premium version of the app. If you don't have a premium version, these users are only displayed blurred. 4. Chats
Here you can find all chats (group chats as well as private chats). On the top right you will find all notifications - just tap on the little bell. 5. Profile
Here you will find all functions around your profile. For example, you can view your own profile and your favorites. You can also edit your profile at any time. Behind the small cogwheel in the upper right corner you will find the settings.

Can I use Meet5 on my computer?

Unfortunately, Meet5 is currently not available for PCs or laptops. Meet5 was developed as a mobile app - for smartphones and tablets.

With the app, you can join a meeting or group directly and have all the information with you at all times. For example, you can also navigate directly to the meeting place. You can use the group chat to discuss all organizational matters and get in touch quickly if, for example, you can't find the meeting place.

Why is the app not loading?

The meetings, the discover view or other functions in the app don't load or you only see a white page?

It may be your internet connection, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Close the app completely once and open it again and/or pull down from the top of the screen with your finger (pull-to-refresh).

If the problem persists, email us at support@meet5.de! Please include which smartphone you are using and, in the best case, a screenshot of the view that is not loading (even if nothing is visible).

Who is the target group of Meet5?

In general, everyone is welcome to Meet5! The vast majority of members are over 40, some over 60. The meetings and the members can also be filtered by age.

Which meetings are not allowed at Meet5?

In general, there are no limits to your fantasy and anything you feel like doing is allowed.
Commercial meetings are an exception. These are only allowed if it is an official Meet5 partnership. These meetings must be exclusive to the Meet5 community. Would you like to become a Meet5 partner? Then contact us at support@meet5.de! Also, meetings may not be created to promote your own events. The creator should also be part of the group. Meet5 is not an event marketing platform. Pay-what-you-want (on a donation basis) as a small expense allowance is tolerated. If material costs are incurred, they must be presented transparently to the participants. They must not be used to make money. The group meetings should basically be free of charge. If you go to a concert or theatre together, costs will of course be incurred - that is not a problem. It is best to point out directly in the description if there are costs and how much.

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How does a video call work?

Due to the current Corona pandemic, each group of the category "Video call" will automatically receive its own video call room where you can meet virtually. You can find the link to the videocall room in the description of the respective meeting and in the group chat. You can either participate with the free app Jitsi Meet or via your internet browser on your computer. You have the Jitsi App? Then the room will open for you as soon as you tap on the link. You want to participate via your PC? Just type the link into your internet browser. The virtual room will open for you as well. The video meetings are also completely free of charge, no additional registration on another platform is necessary. If you still have questions or are unsure, please feel free to contact us at any time ( support@meet5.de). And if something doesn't work, don't panic, the group chat is still there :)

How do I create a video meeting?

You create a video meeting the same way you create a regular Meet5 meeting. Just tap "Create" in the meeting overview (Apple devices) or the small plus in the lower right corner (Android devices). The only important thing is to choose "Video call" as meeting category. You can add in the title of your meeting that it takes place virtually or online, but you don't have to. Each meeting automatically gets a video link anyway (in the description once the meeting is created as well as in the group chat that opens after creation). We have created "virtual locations" for you, which you can select as a location. However, since these had to be created manually for each individual city, these "virtual locations" are only available for larger cities. If you are not offered a virtual location as a place, just choose a city as a placeholder.

Tips for a virtual meeting with Jitsi:

If you are unsure or something should not work, the following tips will definitely help you:

  • Test the video link before the actual meeting - the virtual room is always open.
  • Check if your camera and microphone are working (Jitsi or the browser may still need your permission to access them).
  • If you have problems, try another browser (copy the link and paste it into another browser).
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • If a problem arises: close the video room and open it again.
More tips for a successful video meeting:
  • Stay in touch via group chat. If you have problems or are unsure, the others will be happy to help you. Alternatively, there is a text chat at Jitsi.
  • You can also share your screen and watch a YouTube video together (so you can do sports together).
  • If someone joins uninvited and does not leave the meeting even after repeated requests, you can remove this participant (e.g. if a man joins a women's meeting uninvited).
  • Use a headset if possible, so the microphone is closer and you are easier to understand.
  • Mute yourself when you are not talking to avoid noise.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at support@meet5.de!

How do I create a get-together?

Creating your own group meeting is easy, fast and fun! Create your dream meeting in just a few steps: Step 1: If you own an iOS device tap on "Create" in the upper right corner, if you use an Android device tap on the plus in the lower right corner. Step 2: Think of a title, if you like add some information about the meeting in the description and then choose your desired date and time. Step 3: Choose a category that seems most appropriate to you. If you are unsure, select "Other". Step 4: Choose a location (you can choose any location within your radius - the search is linked to Google). Step 5:
Invite other users to your meeting. You also have the option to filter by interests and characteristics. Step 6: Go to your meeting, meet nice people and spend a great time together. If something goes wrong, don't worry, you can edit your meeting at any time. Tap "More" at the top of the meeting and then "Edit group date". You want to delete your meeting? Let the participants know and then send us an email to support@meet5.de. If all participants leave the meeting, it will also be deleted automatically.

Where do I find my invitations?

You have received an invitation? You can find all your invitations and confirmed meetings at "For me".

How do I invite other users to a meeting?

To invite other users to a meeting simply tap on one of the free places or tap "More" in the top right corner and then tap "Invite users". You can now invite as many users as you want and even filter by name and interests. When you tap the plus icon, the user will automatically receive an invitation. A check mark will then appear instead of the plus icon. Or you tap on "Invite all suggestions" in this case some users will be invited randomly. The suggested users are located near you (your location or radius is decisive, not the place of the meeting). Alternatively you can invite only your favorites. All users, no matter if invited or not, are allowed to join all meetings as long as there are free places available. The only exception is a meeting "by invitation", in this case the creator of the meeting may decide who attends. However, any Meet5 member can request an invitation - just tap on one of the available seats.

Who will be invited if I choose "Invite all suggestions"?

You can invite users individually by tapping the little plus in the bottom right of the picture, by inviting your favorites, or by selecting "Invite all suggestions". "Invite all suggestions" means that some members will be invited randomly. You can tap this button multiple times - invitations from you will never go out twice. The members that are suggested to you are all located near the meeting. The selection is therefore based on the location of the meeting. So it can not happen that members are invited who live hundreds of kilometers away.

When will the group chat open?

The group chat will always open directly, even if only one person is participating. The group chat will also stay open even if one participant decides to leave the meeting, but it will close for the person that left.

Who sees my meeting?

Your meeting will be seen by all Meet5 members who are nearby or have set their location and radius to include the location of your meeting.

Where do meetings take place?

Feel free to choose any location in your city.

How can I sort the meetings?

You can sort the meetings either in the settings of your app or by clicking the sort icon in the meeting overview. The meetings can be sorted by available seats, by date, distance and by newly created meetings.

Why are no meetings displayed?

Meet5 is mainly represented in the Rhein-Main area, the Rhein-Neckar area and Karlsruhe. A little tip: If no meetings are shown in your area, expand your radius a little. The default radius is set to 100 km. Just tap on the location symbol in the top left-hand corner of the overview. The radius can be set to up to 120 km.

Will meetings still take place if there are less participants than potential seats?

Yes, even if not every seat is taken the meeting can take place. You can just talk to each other over the chat and determine wether you will meet up or not.

How can I leave a meeting or call in sick?

You can leave a meeting via the three dots in the corner of the meeting. But only until eight hours before the get-together starts. From 8 hours before the meeting, a reason is required, which is displayed to the other participants in the chat. When you have left the meeting, you automatically leave the group chat and can no longer access the messages. Nevertheless, it is important to be fair and try to actually come to promised meetings!

What happens if I don´t turn up?

Failing to comply with these regulations can and will result in your account being banned from our app for a duration of 48 hours. Regular or repeated short-term cancellation or unnotified and unexplained absence can lead to a long-term ban of your account.

How can I stay in touch with others after our meeting?

A group chat, with all the participants of said group, will open as well, allowing you to converse with other members. The group chat will remain open after the meeting.

Can I set up more than one group at a time?

Yes, you can organise multiple meetings at any given time. A meeting can be set up up to 45 days in advance.

How do I edit my meeting?

You can easily edit or correct your meeting. This is how it works:

  1. Tap on "More" at the top and then "Edit meeting". Only you as the creator can use this function.
  2. Now the edit mode opens for you - it corresponds to the view you already know from creating a meeting.
  3. Just change what you want to change and confirm at the end with "save".
  4. All participants will receive a notification that the meeting has been edited. You can also let them know in the group chat.

If you leave the meeting as the creator, the second participant will take your place and can also edit the meeting - unlike the other participants. So there is always the possibility to make changes. For example, if the meeting has to be postponed due to bad weather.

However, make sure that in case of major changes, for example if the date or the meeting place is edited, that really all participants are informed.

Why can't I find the location when I create my meeting?

The search is linked to Google Places, some places are not listed there. You will mainly find restaurants, cafés, parks, museums, zoos etc. If necessary, expand your radius and/or try out a few spellings if you are looking for a specific meeting place. Alternatively, you can simply enter a street (with house number, if applicable) or just the city and refer to the exact meeting place in the description.

What are the waiting times for a meeting?

In principle, participation in group dates at Meet5 is completely cost-free! However, Club and Premium members can participate with priority. For all others, the respective meeting opens after a short waiting period.

The creation date is always decisive. The shorter the time between the date of creation and the date of the meeting, the shorter the waiting time.

The following waiting times exist (time difference between creating and when it takes place):

- more than 7 days = 48 hours waiting time

- 4 to 7 days = 24 hours waiting time

- 1 to 3 days = 8 hours waiting time

- less than 24 hours = 4 hours waiting time

- less than 8 hours = no waiting time

When you tap on a free spot or "Join now", you will be shown how long you have to wait. The waiting time is the same for everyone, because it is based on the creation date of the meeting.

How do I delete a meeting?

As long as you are the only participant in the meeting, the meeting will automatically delete itself as soon as you leave it (tap on "More" in the upper right corner). In general, if everyone leaves, the meeting will be deleted.

Otherwise, only we from the Meet5 team can delete the meeting for you. A short mail to support@meet5.de is all it takes. It's best to let the other participants know in the group chat so that no one wonders why the meeting can no longer be found in the app.

Can I bring someone to a meeting?

If you want to bring someone to a group meeting (for example, a friend who is not a member of Meet5), it's usually not a problem. Just ask the other participants in the group chat if it' okay. As always, the group chat will open as soon as you join the meeting.

Why do I get invitations to meetings that are already full?

At the time of the invitation, the particular meeting was not yet full. The email with the invitation cannot be cancelled. It would therefore be confusing if the invitation - after the meeting has become full - disappears again in the app. In addition, it may be that a spot is available again :)

Where can I find requests for my meeting?

If a user requests an invitation to your meeting, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone. You will see a small bell at the top of the "Chats" section, where all your messages are listed. Simply tap on the message to confirm the request.

Can I decline invitations?

Yes, tap on the three dots in the invitation under "For me". You can give a reason for declining the invitation, or you can decline without a reason. If you give a reason, the user who invited you will receive a message.

Who will be invited if I select "Invite all suggestions"?

You can invite users individually by tapping the small plus in the bottom right corner of the screen, by inviting your favourites or by selecting "Invite all suggestions". "Invite all suggestions" means that some members will be invited at random. You can tap this button more than once - invitations from you will never go out twice. The members who are suggested to you are all in your area. The selection is therefore based on your location and radius.

Why do I have to wait to join a group?

As a Club or Premium member, you can attend meetings with priority. Otherwise, the meeting will open for you after a short waiting period. However, the waiting time has nothing to do with a waiting list. As soon as you tap on "Join now" or on a free place, you will be shown how long you may have to wait until you can participate. The date of the meeting is decisive, the closer the meeting, the shorter the waiting time. Meetings for the same day therefore have no waiting time.

What does the star in the meeting mean?

When you tap the star in a meeting, you favour the meeting and put it on your personal watch list. You can find your favourite meetings under "For me". Tap the star again to remove your favourites.

Can I also search by date?

To search for meetings on a specific day, tap on the small loupe at the top of the meetings overview (Android) or on "Search meetings" (iOS). At the bottom you will find "Find exact date". Activate the function and a calendar will open. The function to search for meetings in a specific time period is being planned.

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Where are the settings?

Tap on "Profile" and then on the small gear wheel.

How do I change my radius or location?

Only groups that are within your radius are displayed in the overview. This can be set flexibly. Just tap on the location symbol at the top of the meeting overview. The radius can be extended up to 120 km.

How do I unsubscribe from the e-mails?

We leave it up to you which emails you want to receive from us and which not. That's why you can deactivate or reactivate any email in the settings of your app. The same applies to all push notifications. You can find the settings under "Profile" and then the small gear wheel at the top. You will also find an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

How do I delete my user account?

You want to deactivate your account? That’s too bad! Even if we don't like letting you go, you can easily delete your account by following these steps:

  • Tap on "Profile"
  • You will find the settings by tapping on the small gear wheel
  • At the very bottom is "Delete account"

How do I change my email address?

You can easily change your email address in the settings of your Meet5 app. First tap on "Profile" and then on the small gear wheel at the top.

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What does the green dot mean?

The green dot that some users have at the upper right corner of their profile picture means that they have been active on the Meet5 app during the last couple of hours.

What does "verified" mean?

The "verified" symbol means that this user went to at least one meeting. It basically shows you that the profile picture they are using depicts the person.

What are tags?

Tags can help you describing yourself. You can search for them when editing your profile and can choose up to 20 different tags. You can also search for users using tags.

Which badges are available?

You have the opportunity to earn badges. You can find the list of your already received badges in your profile. These are all 18 badges: • Insider (You receive this badge when you have met someone of the Meet5 team). • Striker (You will receive this badge if you have successfully participated in a bowling meeting). • Gamer (You will receive this badge if you have successfully participated in an Escape Room or another game night). • Tiger Woods (You will receive this badge if you have successfully participated in a (mini) golf meeting). • Darth Vader (You receive this badge if you fought Stormtrooper at Laser Tag). • Jetsetter (You will receive this badge if you have successfully participated in meetings in different cities). • Detective (Find Waldo! You receive this badge if you have found and favored Waldo. You do not know who Waldo is? Then you should google it). • Baker (You will receive this badge when you create your own group meetings. The more meetings you make, the higher the level you reach). • Grapely (You receive this badge if you have successfully participated in meetings with more than 6 people). • Magnet (You will receive this badge as soon as you invite users to a group date. The more users you invite to different meetings, the higher the level you achieve). • Spy (You receive this badge when you watch group meetings. The more group encounters you observe, the higher the level you achieve). • Always awake (You receive this badge when you open the app every day and look at users and group dates. If you manage it for 30 days straight, you can reach the highest level). • Parrot (You get this badge when you start private chats with other users and you talk to each other. The more chats you start, the higher the level you achieve). • Author (You receive this badge when you complete your profile completely). • Model (You're a top model, you look good! That's why you uploaded all 4 profile pictures). • Gentleman (You will receive this badge if you successfully attend meetings and the other participants have confirmed that you were present). • Favored (You receive this badge when you tag other users with a star (favorite). The more users you mark, the higher the level you reach). • James Bond (Your name is Bond, James Bond. You get this badge when you look at profiles of other users and take a closer look. The more users you look at, the higher the level you reach). Have fun collecting the badges!

Can I chat with anyone?

There is one stipulation concerning one-on-one chats: one of you has to have a premium account in order for the two of you to converse in private. Anyone can initiate a chat, regardless of whether or not a user has a premium membership. To keep on chatting with each other, at least one of the two users has to be subscribed to premium.

What does the star or "Add Favorite" mean?

You can favor other users and mark them with a star. You can invite your favorites to meetings, and you will also receive a notification when one of your favorites has created a meeting or joins another meeting. You can find the list of your own favorites under "Profile" --> "My favorites".
Under "Discover" you can see the users who have favored you (but this function is part of Premium).

How can I identify a fake profile?

You can identify a fake profile, if the user uses a profile picture that obviously does not show him or her but, for example, a celebrity. A false name is also an indication of a fake profile.

In addition to fake profiles, there are also scammers. These are people who abuse apps to establish contact with women or men in order to exploit them - financially, for example. These scammers are usually located abroad and do not speak German - messages that have obviously been translated with Google are therefore a clue. Also, if he or she mainly makes flattering remarks and asks for your private number or email address very early you should watch out. At the latest when the user demands money (e.g. by pretending to be in an emergency situation), you should become alert and break off contact.

Please always report such users directly (tap on "More" in the user's profile). We will then take a close look at the user, check his profile and delete it if necessary. Thank you for your help :)

What does "Deleted User" mean?

If you see a profile without a picture that says "Deleted User", it is a former Meet5 member. Either the member has deleted himself or herself or we have removed him or her from the app.

What happens if I block a user?

Once you have blocked a user (tap on "More" and "Block user" in the profile above), he or she can no longer send you private messages. In addition, he or she will no longer be able to attend any meetings that you have already joined.

How do I unblock a user?

Under "Profile" you will find "Blocked users". Tap on the X in the user's picture to unblock the user.

How do I remove myself from another user's favourites list?

Tap on "Discover" and "Favourites". This is the list of users who have favoured you. To remove a favouriting by another user, open the profile of the respective user and tap on "More" at the top. There you will find the option "Remove me from favourites list".

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What are the premium features?

Everything about the group meetings is free of charge. Meeting new people with Meet5 therefore doesn't cost any money. However, the premium features are the perfect complement and are something for anyone who wants to use the app intensively.

These are the premium features:

  • Find out who has marked you as a favorite.
  • See the online status of other members.
  • Participate in meetings in a prioritized way.
  • Search for meetings by category.
  • Activate the golden club sticker for your profile.
  • Send and answer private chat requests.
  • Create group meetings with more than 6 people.
  • See who has visited your profile.
  • Make yourself invisible in ghost mode and you will no longer be shown as a profile
    visitor to other users.
  • Create meetings "on your invitation only" and decide who can join your meeting.

An overview of all packages can be found here! You can also buy Premium as an annual subscription directly on our website.

Are our prices justified?

Our subscription fees depend on which package you decide to purchase; should you choose to subscribe to our Meet5 premium package for a duration of a year, you pay 12.50 € a month, which is significantly less than the fees other apps charge for similar services. If you take a look at our competitors, our fees begin to pale in comparison: Signing up for a "face-to-face" meeting will cost you around 16€ . Taking part in a meeting using Meet5 is absolutely free. Parship's somewhat exorbitant fees can be as high as 70€ a month- and most users meet less people in six months than Meet5 users do in a single week. Furthermore, Meet5 users spend around 20€ on a single outing. Considering that these events and opportunities wouldn't be there without Meet5, we figure that we deserve our fair share.

What does premium cost?

You can choose between three premium packages:

  • 3-month package: 74.99 €
  • Half year membership: 98.99 €
  • Annual membership: 149.99 €

How do I cancel my premium subscription?

Premium subscriptions purchased through the Play Store or App Store must be canceled there as well. Unfortunately, we do not have access to your subscription and cannot cancel it for you. If you subscribed via the Apple App Store, follow the instructions under this link: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039 If you subscribed via the Google Playstore, follow the instructions under this link: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=en If you subscribed via our website, just send a short email to support@meet5.de or jessica@meet5.de (please note the cancellation period of 8 weeks to the end of the subscription period).

What is the Meet5 Club Membership?

As a Club member, you get great features for a small monthly fee (just $4.99) while supporting the app and the Meet5 team. Here's what's in it for you: Go to meetings prioritized. Activate the golden club sticker for your profile. Start large meetings with up to 12 participants and "by invitation only" meetings. Search for meetings by category. The membership is flexible and can be cancelled monthly. We'd be happy if you join the Meet5 Club and strengthen the community - we stick together! You have Premium? Then you are automatically a Club member and receive the above features. Of course, this also applies to future Premium subscriptions.
You can also buy the club membership directly through our website for a whole year. Press here.

How do I become a Club Member?

To become a Club Member, simply tap on "Profile" in the bottom right corner of your Meet5 app and then on "My Club / Premium". There you will find all the packages, at the very front (you can swipe right and left) is the Club :)

How do I change my Club Membership into a Premium Membership?

You can change your purchased package at any time. In your Meet5 app, tap on "Profile" at the bottom right and then on "My Club / Premium". There you will find all the information about your package. Tap on "Change package" to view all packages and their functions. There you can choose the package of your choice. The App Store will automatically deduct the amount you have already paid. The amount you have already paid will not be lost!

What is the difference between the Club- and Premium-Membership?

The first difference between Club and Premium is their functions. Whereas every Premium member is also a Club member (i.e. has the same functions, plus a few more). The Club is primarily for users who actively participate in meetings and create their own. The functions of the club therefore relate to the meetings. If you also want to chat privately, see your profile visitors and much more, you can enjoy all the functions of the app with Premium. You can find an overview of the functions above and here!

I have a new profile/smartphone, but my Club/Premium is not active?

If you create a new profile/have a new smartphone and are a Club or Premium member, it may happen that your new profile is not directly linked to Club or Premium. In this case, proceed as follows: Tap on "Profile" at the bottom of the app and then on the small gear wheel at the top. You are now in the settings, where you will find "My Club / Premium" a little further down. Please tap on it and then select "Restore purchases". It still doesn't work? Then close the app completely and open it again. If Club / Premium is still not active, contact us via support@meet5.de!

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You´ve got something you´d like to find out about or would like to offer feedback? Just send us a message:


We would like to thank you for your feedback and support and hope that you enjoy Meet5!