Open Go Crush, go onto 'create group date' and organise your meeting however and wherever you want it- just choose a name, date and location. That's all that is required for other users to sign up  or for you to invite people to your get-together. 


Users sign up for a seat at a table of their choice. If it's a meeting in mixed company, don't worry- we'll take care of the precarious equilibrium between the sexes. A meeting that takes place by invitation only will be depicted via a  small padlock icon.

Please bear in mind that there must be a minimum of three participants for a meeting to take place.  


Next, our team will reserve a table at the locale of your choice, regardless of whether it's a restaurant, bar, or even a bowling alley. The choice is all yours. We'll call them up and take care of everything. If your preferred destination is already fully booked out, then we'll arrange a suitable alternative. We'll only cancel the evening's entertainment if less than three people decide to participate. 



8 hours before your group date is scheduled to take place, a group chat will open. This is where you can let others know if you'll be late or at which table you're sitting.As soon as you meet, you can converse face-to-face (in real life!) and have a great time together.


After your get-together, we'll ask you what you how it was for you- how was the atmosphere, the location, how were the people?  Was everyone present? If not, please let us know, as users who fail to show up without notifying anyone of their absence will be banned from using the app for a duration of 48 hours. 



Where do get-togethers take place?

Feel free to choose any location in your city, we'll make a reservation for you. If you're in the mood for a surprise, we can assign your get-together to a restaurant of our choosing.

Do you actually have meetings that offer me something other than food?

Yes, as a matter of fact we do have activities besides eating on offer for you. If you can come up with any other mind-blowingly cool activities (alcohol? tree climbing?Disneyland? Intoxicated tree climbing in Disneyland?) just set up a get-together in the Meet5-app and we can make a resevation for you as well. The maximum amount of participants here can vary a little, sometimes as many as twelve people can come and join in the fun. If you do set up a trip to Disneyland, sign me up.

Am I obliged to order food or a drink during a get-together?

Well, we can't actually force you. But we should probably point out that Meet5 organises are nice, relaxed dates in small groups and you should at least order something small, unless you're busy trying to convince the cute girl sitting opposite you that you're secretly a vampire. Restaurant owners live off the money they make in their restaurants. For the more careless ones of you, here's some more incentive: owners of restaurants, bars, diners and pubs reserve the right to kick you out if they do not agree with your behaviour. Besides, life is a lot more fun with food by your side.

Will get-togethers still take place if there are less participants than potential seats?

Yes and no- if there are at least two (2) men and the same amount of women (yes, also 2) that have agreed to participate, then your group meeting will take place. An exception to that rule is short-term cancellation. If a restaurant has confirmed, the get-together will go ahead as planned. If it's a single-sex meeting, then it will take place as soon as four people sign up for it. Get-togethers can take place every day between 11a.m. and 9 p.m.

How can I leave a meeting or call in sick?

Leave meeting:

You can leave a meeting via the three dots in the corner of the meeting. But only as long as the maximum number of participants has not yet been reached and the location has not yet been reserved. As soon as we have made a reservation you will receive a notification. From then on you can only leave the meeting via the sick-button or by sending us an e-mail to

Call in sick:

You can't call in sick until we reserve the meeting. When we have made a reservation, you will receive a notification. From then on you can unsubscribe via the sick-button. Before we have reserved you can leave the meeting on your own (see above). Cancellations due to illness must be made at least 8 hours before the meeting.

How can I stay in touch with others after our get-together?

After you've met up, you're all free to chat with one another! A group chat, with all the participants of said group, will subesquently open, allowing you to converse with other members.

What happens if I don't turn up?

Failing to comply with these regulations can and will result in your account being banned from our app for a duration of 48 hours. Regular or repeated short-term cancellation or unnotified and unexplained absence can lead to a long-term ban of your account.

Can I set up more than one group at a time?

  • Yes, you can organise up to four (4) group get-togethers at any given time.
  • A meeting can be set up up to ten days in advance.
  • Unless it's a one-on-one meeting, then it can only be set up up to four days in advance.

What do I do if I receive an intriguing invitation, but am unfortunately unable to confirm, as I am already busy on the scheduled date?

No problem! press (swipe left), choose the option 'counterproposal' and suggest a time and date that is suitable for you.

Topics of conversation for your meeting

  • Festivals and concerts
  • Novels, books, poems, songs
  • Anecdotes
  • Best one-liners
  • Your worst pick-up lines
  • A normal conversation, just with hidden movie references
  • Contemporary stuff
  • Movies and cinema
  • Travels
  • Your first date
  • Your worst date
  • drinking games
  • drinking tales
  • Don't talk, just drink
  • embarassing moments
  • Your favourite conspiracies

I can't find my question

You've got something you'd like to find out about?Just send us a message If you want to enquire about a subscription or would like to offer feedback, is the address for you. We would like to thank you for your feedback and support and hope that you enjoy Meet5.

What should I call my get-together?

Be creative! Or just let us do the creative bit and choose a suggestion from the list below. either way works. For your perusal:

  • We're just friends
  • We're not just friends
  • Definitely not just friends, otherwise known as 'couples' night out'
  • jocks & athletes
  • Sartup meeting
  • Star Trek meeting
  • 'Star Wars is so much better' meeting
  • After Work Drinks
  • Before work drinks
  • Parents' Talk
  • Group therapy for kids whose parents are doing the 'Parents' Talk'
  • Lovers of nature
  • Lovers of Animals
  • Dog lovers
  • Cat lovers
  • No, Dogs
  • CATS
  • full-blown food fight war cats vs. dogs
  • Philosophy round (plenty of beer is advised)
  • Theology round (for the truly brave)
  • Football-fanatics
  • BEER
  • 'all right then, just one drink'
  • let's talk about travel
  • To a night that none of us will remember
  • Gamers
  • Pro Gamer move: meet up in a virtual bar
  • Wine and beer
  • Whisky and cigars
  • Smoke and a pancake
  • Tyler Durdens United : one man in a bar
  • Music festivals
  • Movie Night
  • Cosplay night
  • Gossip Talk
  • Stock market discussion
  • Bank robbers anonymous
  • Let's wake up hungover

How can I decline an invitation?

On iOS devices: head to 'notifications' and swipe left. If you want, you can add an explanation as to why you would rather be doing absolutely anything other than that. On Android devices: Again, head to 'notifications', tap on the invitation and choose 'cancel'. Feel free to give an explantion, although this is in no way mandatory.

What does the 'surprise location' feature entail?

This one is somewhat self-explanatory- if you can't decide on a location or are new to the area, we can take care of finding a nice place for you. Great for expats, tourists or people who have lived in their hometown for a considerable amount of time and feel like shaking things up a little.

How can I cancel my Premium subscription?

On apple devices: 1) head to settings, go onto [insert name here] and then tap on iTunes& App Store 2) Next, go onto 'Apple ID' 3) Scroll down until you reach subscriptions 5) Tap the subscription that you would like to cancel 6) Tap 'cancel subscription' On Android devices: 1) Go to 2)Check to see if you are logged in to the correct google account 3) click on 'my subscriptions' 4) choose the subscription that you would like to cancel 5) click on edit and then ' cancel subscription'

How can I decline an invitation to a one-on-one meeting?

Go onto the invitation and tap on the three dots. Now you an cancel your date. We have offered you an array of choices that you can use as way of explanation.

What do the three buttons on the bottom of a user's profile mean?

The star (centre) : mark as favourite. If you tap on the star icon, you have marked this user as belonging to your list of favourites. You can view this list by tapping on your profile. The two heads (left): one-on-date. Speech bubble icon (right): For chatting with users.

Is Meet5 a dating app?

Not primarily. Technically, Meet5 is an app that focuses on establishing connections between people - mainly platonic. Mainly. Flirting is, of course, also present during quite a few get-togethers, but it's mainly about making and establishing friendships. If you do end up meeting the love of your life through the usage of our app, let us know - we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Does Meet5 cost money?

Everything that revolves around meeting new people at previously organised get-togethers is free. Extra features, such as private chatting with users or setting up one-on-one dates requires a monthly subscription.

Can I chat with anyone?

A few hours before a group date is set to take place, a chat will open up automatically and any member can receive and send messages to other participants of said group date. However, there is one stipulation concerning one-on-one chats: one of you has to have a premium account in order for the two of you to converse in private. Anyone can initiate a chat, regardless of whether or not a user has a premium membership or not. However, if one of you only has the free version of our app, then user A can can send a message, but user B can't see what it is.

Are our prices justified?

Our subscription fees depend on which package you decide to purchase; should you choose to subscribe to our Meet5 premium package for a duration of six months, you pay 15 € a month, which is significantly less than the fees other apps charge for similar services. If you take a look at our competitors, our fees begin to pale in comparison: Signing up for a face-to-face meeting will cost you around 16€ . Taking part in a face-to-face meeting using Meet5, regardless of whether it's a one-on-one or a group date, is absolutely free. Parship's somewhat exorbitant fees can be as high as 70€ a month- and most users meet less people in six months than Meet5 users do in a single week. Futhermore, Meet5 users spend around 20€ on a single outing. Considering that these events and opportunities wouldn't be there without Meet5, we figure that we deserve our fair share.

What are the premium features?

  • Find out who tagged you as a favorite
  • Find out who visited your profile
  • Send and answer private chats
  • Discover new users (you can search users by age or interests)
  • Sort the view of group dates by date or by number of participants
  • Open group dates with up to 12 people
  • Send and accept invitations to single dates
  • See who is invited to a meeting
  • Doorman Mode (only you can choose who is allowed to attend your group date)
  • Discover new users in your area
  • See similar users (if you scroll down in a profile)
  • Invisible by using Ghost Mode (hide your online status and you will not be shown as a profile visitor to other users)
  • Choose any location (choose your own city instead of the given cities)
  • See all profile pictues (look at even more user profile pictures)

How do I create a get-together?

Creating your own group meeting is easy, fast and fun! Create your dream meeting in just a few steps: Step 1:
Choose a title, the day and time. Step 2:
Choose a location or leave the decision to us and simply choose Surprise-Restaurant (even if you want to go bowling). We do the rest, which means you don't have to do anything. The reservation will be made by the Meet5 team. Step 3:
Invite other users to your meeting. You also have the option to filter by interests and characteristics. Step 4
Go to your meeting, meet nice people and spend a great time together.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at If something goes completely wrong, don't worry. As long as nobody else participates, we can remove the meeting.




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