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Get to know new people in Munich

Munich i like you! For many tourists, the state capital of Bavaria is probably not much more than the beer capital and the location of the Oktoberfest; for us Munich residents, however, our home is so much more. The English Garden, chat and picheln in the summer beer garden or snack at sunset on the Isar. Yes, Munich can be really wonderful. However, the benefits cannot really be enjoyed alone.

This is finally over!

With Meet5 you can easily get to know new and interesting people who can quickly become close friends.


How does Meet5 work?

Meet5 is the app for group meetings. Each user can create his own meeting, he thinks up a title or a motto, decides on the date and the location. Other users simply register for the meeting by tapping on "attend".

Since you only communicate with each other via the group chat before the meeting, mainly to clarify organizational matters, you only get to know the other participants personally on site. The chances are good that friendships and relationships will arise through Meet5, as you will meet new and different personalities at the same time. And even if you don't, you'll still have a great time together!


Our Munich hotspots




The restaurant only offers meat-free dishes. Sounds like a nightmare for any non-vegetarian? Not correct! There's a lot more to it than just salad.


Grill & Grace

The best grill in town - juicy steaks and homemade sauces. Perfect for a sociable evening. A special feature: grill steaks yourself on the large lava stone grill in the guest room.



to get to know

How about a picnic, a laser tag tournament or a visit to the Oktoberfest together? There are no limitations to your imagination!

Where can I find out more about the app?

To ask? You can find many answers in our FAQ. In our magazine you will find additional information, tips and success stories. If you still have questions or you want to tell us about your Meet5 story, just write us on WhatsApp +49 151 72 03 97 74 and we will help you.


Meet5 Volker

Volker, teacher

Thanks to Meet5, I not only made new friends, but also got to know my own city better and tried out locations and various activities.

Meet 5 Katja

Katja, veterinarian

I think Meet5 is great! The app is user-friendly, clear and I've been to many great meetings with interesting people.

Meet5 Anne

Anne, clerk of the law

After moving, I found it difficult to make new contacts. Meet5 was the perfect solution, now I no longer feel strange in my new city, but at home.