Get to know new people while going for a walk in Mainz

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Are you new to Mainz and would like to go for a walk, get to know new people and the surrounding area?

But you don't know where to go, are you afraid of getting lost or have you always been looking for a partner to go for a walk with?

Then the Meet5 app is just right for you - because here there are daily walks.

Here are my top 3 routes for walking at group meetings in Mainz:

1 | One lap around the banks of the Rhine and back again


The tour starts with the double-track railway bridge that connects Mainz Neustadt with the Wiesbaden districts of Mainz-Amöneburg and Mainz-Kastel across the Rhine.

When you arrive at the railway bridge, the view of the marina is not far away.

We continue on the banks of the Rhine in Kastel to the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke.

From there you can watch the ferries with an idyllic view.

The last point of the tour is the Adenauer Ufer. No one should miss a sunset from there.

More details about the tour can be found here:

2 | Maaraue to Kostheim discovery tour


The start is the Stresemann-Ufer. We continue to the Winter Harbor in Mainz with a view of the adjacent boats.

Then it goes over the railway bridge Mainz-Weisenau and over the Main bridge to Kostheim.

The Maaraue is a highlight.

Starting from the mouth of the Main, the view of Mainz is simply great.

Finally, you walk over the Maaraue bridge to the Kasteler-Rheinufer with a wonderful view of the Rhine.

You can find more details about the tour here:

3 | Small Mainzer Höhenweg


With around 31 km of running path, the Mainzer Höhenweg is one of the best, but also the longest, places for walking.

An unusual perspective of Mainz and enchanting panoramic views, it is one of the most popular places for hikes or walks.

The Mainzer Höhenweg leads from Laupheim over the Lerchenberg

to Mombach.


Of course, nobody has to walk 31 km. In many places the path touches public transport and you can easily commute back.


More details about the tour can be found here:

Where can I find out more about the app?

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