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Meet new people in Zurich

Zurich is not only the largest city in Switzerland, it also has a lot to offer. The Limmat separates the streets of the old town from one another and brings them back together via various bridges. A picturesque sight that reminds one of the Italian Venice. The promenade tempts you to take impressive walks and stroll around the old town. Zurich tells its own story that far back to the Middle Ages, in many corners themselves.

Do you want to share these impressions with others?

With Meet5 you can easily get to know new and interesting people who can quickly become close friends.

Zürich Kirche

How does Meet5 work?

Meet5 is the app for group meetings. Each user can create his own meeting, he thinks up a title or a motto, decides on the date and the location. Other users simply register for the meeting by tapping on "attend".

Since you only communicate with each other via the group chat before the meeting, mainly to clarify organizational matters, you only get to know the other participants personally on site. The chances are good that friendships and relationships will arise through Meet5, as you will meet new and different personalities at the same time. And even if you don't, you'll still have a great time together!

Zürich Hafen

Our hotspots in Zurich


Succulent collection

Zurich is home to the largest and most important collection of succulents in the world. More than 4,400 different species and a total of more than 20,000 cacti and succulents grow in the greenhouses and the rock garden.


Zurich Zoo

A total of 4500 animals live in the Zurich Zoo, which are divided into 375 species. The zoo is one of the most popular sights in Zurich. It only houses animal species that the zoo can do justice to in terms of space and husbandry.

Steak Medium

Grüntal Zurich

There are in-house classics such as capuns, veal cordon bleu, Zurich sliced meat, as well as burgers, veggies and a little game. The restaurant focuses on traditional, high quality cuisine.

botanischer Garten

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden in Zurich delights its visitors with around 7000 different plant species from all climate zones. The new botanical garden was opened in 1977 on the site of the former Villa Schönau and attracts around 130,000 visitors every year.

Zürich Limmat

Walk along the waterfront

How about a walk along the Limmat and a great view of the old town? The beautiful promenade always offers opportunities to rest. So nothing stands in the way of a leisurely day when the weather is nice.

Where can I find out more about the app?

To ask? You can find many answers in our FAQ. In our magazine you will find additional information, tips and success stories. If you still have questions or you want to tell us about your Meet5 story, just write us on WhatsApp +49 151 72 03 97 74 and we will help you.


Meet5 Volker

Volker, teacher

Thanks to Meet5, I not only made new friends, but also got to know my own city better and tried out locations and various activities.

Meet 5 Katja

Katja, veterinarian

I think Meet5 is great! The app is user-friendly, clear and I've been to many great meetings with interesting people.

Meet5 Anne

Anne, clerk of the law

After moving, I found it difficult to make new contacts. Meet5 was the perfect solution, now I no longer feel strange in my new city, but at home.